Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eggs muffins

Serves 2 people


Wholemeal, cheese or plain muffins
4 eggs
Salt & Pepper

  1. Cut two muffins in half , place into a toaster and switch on
  2. Place each egg into a poacher and place a knife into each egg yolk
  3. Put the eggs into a microwave on a low heat for 15 seconds, check, run knife around the egg and side of pot, put back in for 8 sec, check again, should be cooked, if not cook for a few more seconds
  4. Leave eggs to stand and butter the muffins
  5. Place and egg of the top of each and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste
You can cook bacon, beans and mushrooms with this too, makes for a great brunch!


  1. Now i'm no Jamie Oliver but would it not be best to lightly butter the poacher in order the eggs come out whole and not need a pneumatic drill to get them out??

  2. As I said, cook them, not kill them. Ihave been cooking this for years, even my partner can cook this, so its must show it isnt rocket science!